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Flood Warnings on Fraser River Flood Plain

What to do during an active alert

When a flooding alert is in place, residents and Business owners in these areas are advised to move valuable items to higher elevation and be planning for possible evacuation orders if need be. Actual water levels will vary depending upon the amount of snowmelt and rainfall received in the watershed during an alert.

During an alert, City staff continue to monitor the situation and provide as required. See our Residential Flood Preparedness Guide and our Business Flood Preparedness Guide for more information, including emergency contact numbers.

Surrey areas of flooding concern

The immediate areas of concern in Surrey are outlined on the Fraser River Flood Plain Map. If you live or have a business within the Fraser River Flood Plain, review the Fraser River Preparedness Phases, and become familiar with what to do during a flood.

Flooding preparedness

Read through the following information thoroughly to ensure the safety of your family and employees and to minimize flood damage to your property or business in the event of a flood.

Reasons of potential flooding

Snow packs are regularly measured. If they are measured in at significantly more than the annual average, depending on the melt pattern, this may result in elevated river levels. The Ministry of Environment is able to measure the snow pack and look at snowpack melting to compare it to previous flooding events, but exact forecasting of a flood is not possible at this time.

See Surrey's Fraser River Freshet Preparedness Phases to learn more about the system our emergency response teams follow.

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