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Surrey has a wide expanse of natural areas and watercourses within all portions of the City. These areas and watercourses are crucial for local wildlife and the drainage of stormwater to the receiving waterbodies, the Fraser River and Mud Bay. 

We also work with regional partners to manage Surrey's involvement with the Metro Vancouver's Liquid Waste Management Plan and Air Quality concerns.

Surrey Detention Pond.


Learn how we manage and monitor stormwater flows in Surrey.

Soil and erosion

Soil & Erosion

Learn how Surrey handles soil issues and helps control erosion by issuing permits.

Surrey Lake.

Flood Control

Report a flood on your property or in your neighbourhood, and learn more about Surrey's floodplains.

Serpentine River Dyke

Dyke & Drainage on Farmlands

See how City of Surrey policies and programs work to protect farmland from flooding and improve farming conditions.

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Sanitary Sewer

Information about the City of Surrey's Sanitary Sewer System

Understanding Utility Rates & Calculations

Find information on Surrey's annual utility rates for water, sewer, drainage, and garbage.