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Fire Safety & Construction Fire Safety Plan

The Surrey Fire Services take a proactive approach to address specific hazards that may exist through Fire Safety and Construction Fire Safety Plan approvals. We strive to reduce risk by working with Fire Safety companies, on behalf of building/unit owners, to review all Fire Safety Plans.

If you are not an approved Fire Safety Plan Company, please email the Fire Safety Plan Review Form to and someone will contact you regarding your form and payment if necessary. For any questions, please call 604-543-6780.

If you are an approved Fire Safety Plan company, submit your Fire Safety Plan for review online.

Submit your Fire Safety Plan

If you're designing a Fire Safety Plan for a high rise (6+ stories), contact or call 604-543-6780 for instructions on evacuation procedures and signage.

Fire Safety Plan templates and symbols

Anyone designing Fire Safety Plans for Surrey buildings must use the approved vital building information sheet and site plan symbols.

Remember, as part of the 2012 BC Fire Code, it's the responsibility of the owner, agent or manager of the premises to ensure occupant safety. Supervisory Staff must be trained in fire emergency procedures described in the fire safety plan before they are given any responsibility for the fire safety.

Review Surrey's guidelines, templates and checklists before you submit your Fire Safety Plan.

For more information, go to the Fire Prevention Officer's Association of British Columbia to read their Guidelines for Fire Safety Plans.

Learn more about fire inspection guidelines and other ways you can help the Surrey Fire Service keep Surrey's residents safe.