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Back Lanes

Back lane with a speed bump

Paving back lanes

Gravel lanes are paved in 1 of 2 ways:

  • The Engineering Operations Division uses extra pavement from road patching jobs to pave adjacent back lanes in 2 to 5-metre segments at a time.
  • The City and homeowners cost-share lane paving through the Local Area Service program.

We also treat existing gravel lanes with magnesium chloride once a year to reduce dust circulation. Submit a service request to our Engineering Department if your lane needs treatment.

Developers usually construct and pave new back lanes, and often speed humps, when the adjacent land is subdivided or rezoned. The City does not pave all of the existing gravel lanes, because lanes have small traffic volumes with much lower traffic speeds. So, lanes can work reasonably with gravel surfaces.

Instead, we focus our budget on widening and maintaining arterial, collector, and local roads.

Speed humps in back lanes

We install speed humps in back lanes as part of Traffic Calming in Surrey. So, your petition will follow the Traffic Calming Evaluation Process.

Submit a Petition for Speed Humps in your back lane (PDF. New window.) from adjacent property owners to request speed humps in your back lane. The petition must show

  • lane location,
  • description of your concerns with the lane,
  • names, addresses and signatures of at least two-thirds (67%) of the adjacent properties, and 
  • your name, address and contact information as the petition organizer, so we can follow up with you on your speed hump request.


Contact Surrey's Transportation office by eMail at or by phone at 604-591-4853 for more details on lanes, lane paving and speed humps.