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Bike Safety & Security

Biking around Surrey is a great way to stay active and we want all cyclists to stay safe and protect themselves and their bikes.

Helmet Safety

According to Brain Injury Canada, 160,000 Canadians sustain brain injuries every year. Head injuries are also the leading cause of serious injury and death to kids on bicycles. Keep your family safe by making sure everyone has a helmet that fits properly and has a safety certification sticker. Learn more about helmet fit and safety certification from HUB.

Bike Security & Theft Prevention

It only takes secords to have your bike stolen. We recommend taking a photo and recording your bike's information (make, model, type/style, colours, speed/gears and serial number). To keep your bike secure:

  • Double lock it: Use a cable lock and U-lock
  • Park in a high visibility area with lots of people and activity
  • Try not to park your bike in the same spot all the time and never leave your bike outside overnight.

If your bike is stolen, report it to the non-emergency RCMP line. If you see someone stealing a bike, call 911 - don't confront the thief.