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Speed Humps

We put in speed humps to slow drivers down on local roads. Speed humps are 1 of 5 traffic calming devices,which slow traffic speeds on local Surrey roads.

A speed hump is not the same as a speed bump.

  • Speed humps are wider, put in local roads, and slow drivers to around 30 to 35 km/h to drive over them.
  • Speed bumps are narrower, put in parking lots, and slow drivers to a near stop to drive over them.

Speed bumps are 80 millimetres (3 inches) high and 4 metres (13 feet) long.

Choosing the right location for a speed hump

Speed humps work best when they're designed and spaced appropriately. They're usually spaced

  • 125 to 225 metres apart on local roads, and 
  • 60 to 100 metres apart on lanes.

Speed hump on roadWhen we're deciding where to put in a speed hump, we also look at

  • intersections
  • driveways
  • manholes and catch basins
  • streetlights
  • grade of road
  • road alignment
  • length of road
  • road shoulder or curb

Funding for speed humps

Funding for speed humps comes from Surrey's traffic calming program. Speed humps cost around $2000 to $3000 each.

Advantages of speed humps

  • Reduce overall speeds, including the number of drivers going faster than the limit
  • Cost efficiency allows for incorporation into most projects
  • Cyclists can safely cycle over speed humps
  • Don't affect on-street parking

Disadvantages of speed humps

  • Drivers may go to nearby residential streets that don't have speed humps
  • Emergency services can be delayed up to 10 seconds per speed hump
  • Potential for an increase in traffic noise and vibration
  • Discomfort for local residents who must travel over them every day

How to request a speed hump in your neighbourhood

Learn how to request traffic calming in your neighbourhood if traffic's too fast on your local road. We'll do surveys and watch traffic in your area and decide if your neighbourhood needs traffic calming. Then, we'll help choose which of the 5 traffic calming devices would help slow traffic the most.

Contact our Transportation Planning Section, by eMail at  or by phone at 604-591-4580 if you have any questions on speed humps, or Surrey's Traffic Calming program.