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Curb Bulges

We usually install curb bulges — also called curb extensions — to improve pedestrian safety in Surrey. Curb bulges can narrow a road to as little as 6 metres wide, while keeping 2-way traffic flow.

Curb bulges narrow a road to

  • reduce pedestrian crossing distance,
  • help drivers see pedestrians, and
  • define parking areas, which prevents drivers from parking too close to intersections.

Where we install curb bulges

We usually build curb bulges at intersections. But, we may also construct them at driveways or mid-block pedestrian crossings. On roads where parking is allowed, curb bulges are effective, since they take up the space otherwise used for the parking lane.

Advantages of curb bulges

Curb bulges:

  • can improve intersection safety by increasing visibility for road users, particularly pedestrians,
  • can improve pedestrian safety by reducing crossing distance on streets,
  • can prevent parking too close to intersections, and 
  • can provide opportunities for increased green space.

Disadvantages of curb bulges

But, curb bulges:

  • may make cyclists on shared roadways feel forced into the path of motor vehicles,
  • may require removal of on-street parking, and 
  • may require large vehicles to cross into the adjacent travel lanes in order to negotiate a turn.

Funding for curb bulges

We build curb bulges through the City's capital sidewalk program, and by developers when they develop the adjacent land.

Contact the City of Surrey's Transportation Planning section by email at or by phone at 604-591-4853 to get more details on curb bulges in Surrey.