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Electrical Service Connections Single Family Dwellings

Please see BC Hydro web site How To Apply For A Connection  detailing BC Hydro requirements for all electrical service connections.

New Service Connection Process

  1. Homeowner contacts BC Hydro in order to request a new electrical service connection.
  2. Licensed Electrical Contractor obtains an electrical installation permit from the City of Surrey and completes work in accordance with BC Hydro and City of Surrey requirements
  3. Licensed Electrical Contractor requests a service connection inspection from the City of Surrey.
  4. If installation is found compliant the City of Surrey will submit a "connection approval" to BC Hydro.
  5. The Electrical Contractor is responsible to complete and submit BC Hydro Overhead / Underground declaration form to BC Hydro and notifies BC Hydro if an onsite meeting is required when service is being completed.
  6. Once all paper work has been received and processed BC Hydro will complete work within approx. 10 business days.
  7. Once new electrical service has been connected by BC Hydro the Electrical Contractor will request a final electrical inspection.

Service Upgrades / Repairs

Note to all homeowners and contractors, the City of Surrey enforces the requirements of BCSA Information Bulletin No: B-E3 091214 2 "Minimum Requirements For Upgrading Of Electrical Systems Single Family Dwellings" for all service upgrades and or repairs.

Same Day Disconnect / Reconnect

It is not an accepted practice for electrical contractors or others to disconnect and subsequently re-connect the consumer electrical service from utility conductors in the City of Surrey.  Only authorized BC Hydro contractors may make of break connection to BC Hydro owned overhead and or underground utility conductors. 

ESR 19 (4) (b) states:

(4) A person must not do any of the following unless regulated work has been inspected or the inspection has been waived:

(b) connect power to the electrical supply system.

BCEC rule 2-0116 states:

Except as provided in Rule 2-018, no reconnection, installation, alteration, or addition shall be connected to any service or other source of electrical energy by a supply authority, electrical contractor, or other person, until a current-permit authorizing the supply of electrical energy has been obtained from the inspection department.

If it is discovered that a consumer electrical service has been connected to BC Hydro utility conductors without approval from both the City of Surrey and BC Hydro the attending Electrical Safety Officer shall report the incident to BC Hydro and request an immediate service disconnect.