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car driving by crosswalk in Surrey, BC

We put in crosswalks to improve pedestrian safety, and to get people walking in the city, as part of our Walking Plan and Transportation Strategic Plan.

We install 4 kinds of crosswalks across Surrey.

  1. Standard marked crosswalk
  2. Enhanced marked crosswalk
  3. Activated flashing crosswalk
  4. Pedestrian signals

Drivers must yield the right-of-way to pedestrians at all intersections, even if the crossing doesn't have crosswalk pavement markings or signs.

Where we install crosswalks

Crosswalk in Surrey

We install crosswalks where there's sufficient usage, where drivers would expect to stop. We also focus on protecting the highly vulnerable and young children close to schools.

To improve safety, we have to put in the right crosswalk improvement in the right place. We use a warrant system to choose the right kind of crosswalk.

We can reduce road safety if we install crosswalks in locations that don't meet the crosswalk criteria, so following the warrant system is important. If we overuse crosswalks, or install them in locations where there aren't many pedestrians, some drivers begin ignoring crosswalks.

We consider 3 things when evaluating a location for a crosswalk:

  1. Traffic Volume Considerations. Pedestrian volume, pedestrian type (eg, child, adult, senior, disabled) and vehicle volume.
  2. Geometric Considerations. Road width, grade and sightlines.
  3. Additional Considerations. Sidewalk provision, proximity of other crossings, traffic speed, adjacent land use, median presence, let-down presence.

We consider safety in the process, even if we don't install a crosswalk. We may keep the treatment as it is, but encourage crossing at a safer location. Or, we may not install a crosswalk to minimize potential rear-end vehicle collisions, or to prevent pedestrians' false sense of security at unsafe locations.

Read through Surrey's General Guide to Crosswalk Installations to see how we decide whether to install a crosswalk.  

How to request a new crosswalk 

Crosswalk evaluation chart

We follow the step-by-step Crosswalk Evalutation Flowchart to determine whether to install a crosswalk. The Flowchart also helps us choose which treatment is best for a site, for example, putting in a crosswalk, a pedestrian signal, or upgrading an existing crosswalk.

The Crosswalk Evaluation Flowchart shows the steps in this process.

  1. We receive the request.
  2. We collect data in a site visit. Here, we confirm there are minimum 20 pedestrians per hour, measure road width, check sightlines, etc.
  3. We determine the available crossing opportunities by hour, based on graphs.
  4. We review the Crosswalk Warrant Chart to decide on the right crosswalk treatment.
  5. We install the type of crosswalk treatment that fits the location, based on the criteria.

Crosswalk evaulation flowchart
Contact the City of Surrey's Transportation Planning section by email at or by phone at 604-591-4853 to get more details on crosswalks in Surrey.

See the Walking Plan and Transportation Strategic Plan to see your other sustainable travel choices in Surrey.