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car driving by crosswalk in Surrey, BC

Part of our Walking Plan is putting in crosswalks to make it safer to walk in Surrey. Even if the intersection doesn’t have a marked crosswalk, drivers still have to yield to pedestrians crossing the road.

Putting in a New Crosswalk

We put crosswalks in where people would use them the most and in spots where drivers would expect to stop. To protect young children, we also focus on crosswalk locations near schools.

Putting a crosswalk in the right place can improve safety for people walking and driving, but putting them in the wrong location could make it less safe. We use a warrant system (a way to objectively compare different locations) to choose the right kind of crosswalk.

We look at a few things when evaluating a location for a crosswalk:

  • Traffic Volume Considerations. We look at pedestrian volume, pedestrian type (are they kids, adults, seniors, people with disabilities, etc.) and vehicle volume.
  • Geometric Considerations. This means looking at the road width, grade and sightlines.

We also look at things like how close are other crosswalks, the traffic speed limit of the area, how the land around it is being used, if there is a median, and others that help us decide if it's a good location.
If we don’t install a crosswalk at a particular crossing, we encourage pedestrians to cross at the nearest crosswalk where they may feel more comfortable.

We also use this information to help determine the best type of crosswalk for a particular location. 

To request a new crosswalk, please use the Submit a Request service.