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Overdose Response and Substance Use Awareness

Surrey Community Action Team

The City works closely with partners on many levels to respond to the overdose crisis and substance use issues. Fraser Health’s core mandate includes responsibility for providing support for substance use programs from a health care perspective. As well, the Surrey RCMP has many operational strategies and activities in place to address drug related offenses and the Surrey School District’s Safe Schools Department addresses youth substance use through their Substance Use Liaisons. Ultimately, Public Safety will be improved when there is better understanding of the underlying causes and treatments for substance use.

"The more that young people find positive ways of getting their needs met, the need for connection, belonging and purpose, the less likely they’ll try to meet those needs by reaching for substances, for less healthy connections  that don’t support their best lives.” George Passmore, Sources Community Resources Society

Fentanyl use

The recent increases in overdoses and exposure to fentanyl among the substance use community are being addressed on a number of fronts. The City is collaborating with Fraser Health, RCMP and other partners on a specific response plan that will be reported and managed outside of the Public Safety Strategy.

The City is co-hosting, with Fraser Health, a Community Action Team (CAT) to respond to the overdose crisis. The Province has established CAT groups to mobilize local agencies and non-profit groups with specific actions to deliver overdose prevention outcomes.