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Clean Tech Action on Energy

Inside Power Tech high voltage lab.

Through incentives and innovative initiatives, the City of Surrey's creating an environment to encourage and inspire clean tech businesses to take root and grow here in Surrey. To learn more read the Clean Energy Sector Profile.

This is because we realize the economic growth and job creation that will come out of our support and development of the clean tech sector.

So, one of the key focuses in Phase 2 of Surrey’s Economic Investment Action Plan is to create a clean energy hub. To do this, we're promoting clean tech businesses.

Promoting clean tech businesses

We're making ourselves a clean energy hub by promoting clean tech business in many different ways:

  • Establishing an incubator centre for the commercialization of clean energy research.
  • Requiring all new service stations to provide at least one alternative fuel source, such as hydrogen, compressed natural gas (CNG), or electric vehicle charging.
  • Supplying infrastructure for new technologies, such as the publically-available electric vehicle charging station at City Hall and 2 municipal hydrogen fuelling stations.
  • Developing plans for an organics biofuel facility, that will process residential and commercial kitchen and yard waste into fuel, which would then be used to power vehicles, including the City’s garbage trucks.

Explore the other clean tech entrepreneur resources we're offering to promote sustainable business in Surrey.