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Pesticide Bylaw Details

Flowers in bloom in a Surrey display garden.

Pesticide Bylaw application

The Pesticide Bylaw applies to

  • residential properties, including single family, multi-family, and manufactured home parks.
  • renters, homeowners, and even provincially certified pesticide applicators.

However, the bylaw doesn't apply to property types like agricultural lands, wood lots and golf courses.

Permitted pesticides

The provincial government created a complete list of pesticides that are excluded from the bylaw, meaning you are able to use them even where the bylaw is in effect. However, also research pesticide alternatives to avoid using pesticides altogether.

See Schedule 2 of B.C.'s Integrated Pest Management Regulation for the list of permitted pesticides. To understand this list, you must be able to read the label on the pesticide container.

Controlling an infestation

Under the Pesticide Bylaw, you are permitted to apply pesticides on residential lands in order to control pests which have caused an infestation (as defined under the bylaw). The bylaw requires that the pesticides be applied by a provincially-certified pesticide applicator.

"Infestation” means the presence of a Pest in numbers or under conditions that involves an immediate risk of damage to property or significant financial loss in respect of the use of property. A provincially certified pesticide applicator must determine if the pest problem is an infestation.

"Pests" are any unwanted organisms such as weeds, insects, fungi or rodents that may occur in your yard. A pesticide is a product used to control or destroy these pests and include herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and rodenticides, as well as weed and feed products.

Pesticides may also be used for controlling a pest on or inside buildings or structures, or preventing the deterioration of hard landscapes. Please refer to the bylaw for a complete list.

Under the bylaw, you must avoid pest control products that contain active ingredients such as: (Note: this is only a partial list.)
• 2,4-D
• Mecoprop
• Dicamba
• Glyphosate
• Carbaryl
• Diazinon

Note that the bylaw does not apply to any control measures and/or remedies regarding West Nile Virus, for public health reasons.

Using fertilizers on your land

You are allowed to use fertilizers in Surrey, unless the fertilizer contains herbicides. Most weed and feed products are not permitted because they contain pesticides not permitted under the bylaw. If your A-1 land has been classified as “farm” by the BC Assessment Authority, or you are farming your A-1 land (with “farming” as defined under BC’s Farm Practices Protection Act) then you are exempt from the bylaw.

Disposing of pesticides

If you have leftover pesticides, dispose of them properly. Do not dispose of leftover pesticides down the drain, down storm sewers or in your garbage. Always read the label for information on proper disposal.

Locations for Pesticide Disposal

Scott Road Bottle Depot
2 - 12111 86th Ave., Surrey, V3W 3H8
Open 7 days 9am - 6pm

See Metro Vancouver Recycling for a complete list of recycling locations. But, if you require more help, call us at 604-501-5050 or email us at .