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Exploring Surrey's Trees

English Oak Tree in Port Kells

Surrey is full of great trees - from flowering dogwoods and towering redwoods to stately oaks and Douglas-firs. These great trees grow in our parks, yards and along our streets and play many important roles in our City and in our lives.

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Discover where the Great Trees of Surrey live! Take a virtual tour or visit them in your neighbourhood.

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Heritage Trees

Surrey's heritage includes anything that we inherit from the past, value in the present, and plan to preserve for the future – including trees. There are over 200 trees with heritage status in Surrey.

Find out where Surrey’s most notable heritage trees live! Take a look at the Heritage Trees brochure or use the complete Heritage Tree List to see many more.

Nominate a Heritage Tree

When a tree is nominated for heritage status, it's evaluated by a certified arborist, reviewed by Surrey's Heritage Advisory Commission, and, if it's suitable, granted heritage status by Mayor and Council.

You can nominate a tree you think should be on Surrey's Heritage Tree list by calling the numbers below:

For more information about heritage trees on public property, call 604-501-5050.

For more information about heritage trees on private property, call 604-591-4675.

Check out the heritage trees in your community.

Types of Heritage Trees in Surrey