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Environment School Programs

looking at salmon in fish bowl

Take your students out in nature or bring nature in to teach them how to protect the environment. Surrey has a variety of school programs in place that can help you raise your classroom's awareness of the importance of the environment.

Environmental Education in the Classroom

Get the kids involved in environmental education by bringing waste and water reduction, energy conservation, and sustainability lessons to your classroom.

Environmental Extravaganza

Get your students out on a field trip to explore and learn about Surrey's natural environment during the annual spring-time Environmental Extravaganza.

Surrey Nature Centre School Programs

Take your students on a curriculum-linked nature exploration field trip with the Surrey Nature Centre.

Salmon Marshal Programs

Join Surrey's Salmon Marshal (SaM) programs like Take the Dip and Salmon Tracks to learn how to protect aquatic species in creeks.

Releaf Tree Planting

Have your students help grow Surrey's urban forest by planting shrubs and trees in Surrey parks and along boulevards.

Bike to School Training

The Bike to School Training program teaches students about bike safety and helps build their confidence.

Additional School Programs

See additional Parks Programs, such as Lend a Hand.

See additional school programs offered by Surrey Art Gallery and Surrey Heritage.

Learn about environment-related student work opportunities and programs to suggest to your high school students.