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Buying Local

Food is common to all of us. Food brings us together in celebration, supports our local economy, and provides the nourishment we all need to live.

Surrey’s Sustainability Charter includes a vision for a sustainable food system, in which productive agricultural lands, urban agriculture, local markets, and affordability make a vibrant food economy and access to fresh and healthy food for everyone.

Find the places where you can grow, buy, cook and share food in Surrey using the Community Food Resource map.

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Garden plots at the Dunsmuir Community Gardens

Growing Food

See how good soil, mild climate and a long growing season equal great opportunities to grow food in Surrey.

Buying Local

Buying & Sharing Local Food

Grab lunch at a food truck, visit a farmers' market or create new opportunities to buy and share local food.

Food Waste

Food Waste

Learn how to compost or manage your organic food waste.

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