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Good Citizen Award

Citizen of the Year 2017

Each year the City of Surrey Council invites suggestions for the Good Citizen Award.

This honour is awarded on an annual basis to a person who has given outstanding service for the betterment of our community over the years. Any private individual or service group is invited each year to submit nominations for Council's consideration.

The Good Citizen Award is presented at the Volunteer Appreciation event held each spring.

Recipients of this prestigious award over the last decade are:

2017:  Bob McMurray
2016:  Rick Hart
2015:  Michael Wilson
2014:  Ron Meadley
2013:  Bill Reid
2012:  Deb Jack
2011:  Avril Flather
2010:  Bill McNamara
2009:  Marie Cooper
2008:  Jim King
2007:  Volkmar (Wally) Sandvoss