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Heritage in the City Award

Surrey has a wealth of historic and heritage resources that contribute to the character and vitality of the City. The Heritage in the City Award recognizes residents, community groups, organizations and businesses that make outstanding contributions towards the identification, preservation and promotion of Surrey’s unique heritage. This Award of Excellence encourages exceptional efforts in these areas, and acknowledges those best practices that enrich and improve access to Surrey’s built, natural, and cultural heritage.

This award builds on the City’s Heritage Planning and Heritage Services Programs in asserting Surrey’s ongoing commitment to heritage preservation and promotion. The Heritage in the City Award will be an important component of Surrey’s City Awards Program, supporting and acknowledging those that contribute to the identification, preservation and promotion of Surrey’s heritage.

Heritage is defined as:

  • Built Heritage – buildings, roads, rails, trails, bridges, monuments, markers and cemeteries;
  • Natural Heritage – rivers, streams, shorelines, habitats, forests, trees, landscapes, views and vistas;
  • Cultural Heritage – traditions, ceremonies, festivals, language, social, organizational and artistic expressions.

Please refer to our Terms of Reference for more information about this award.

Award Categories

There are two nomination categories within the Heritage in the City Award:

  • Preservation: An award for protecting, preserving or restoring a built, natural or cultural asset of the City.
  • Education & Interpretation: An award for the development and delivery of innovative and creative presentations, programs or special events that highlight Surrey’s history and heritage resources.

2017 Finalists


Surrey Historical Society (Award Recipient) 

Education & Interpretation

Sunnyside Acres Heritage Society (Award Recipient) 

Eligibility and Nomination

Nominations were open from April 10, 2017 to June 10, 2017. The winners were announced on October 25, 2017.

The Heritage in the City Award is considered by nomination. Nominations may be submitted online, mailed, or dropped off at City Hall (13450-104 Avenue, Surrey, BC) reception with attention to the Surrey Heritage Advisory Commission c/o Legislative Services.

What may be entered?

Work in the Preservation category could relate to historic building or site restoration, habitat preservation, or documentation of some unique cultural knowledge or skill.

Work in the Education & Interpretation category could include programs or events that improve knowledge, increase awareness and encourage appreciation of heritage such as, workshops, conferences or lectures.  It could also include efforts that improve the ability of the community to access heritage through signage, brochures, videos, and traditional or electronic publications.

Who can be nominated?

All Surrey residents, groups, organizations and businesses are eligible.

Who can nominate?

Anyone. It’s a simple and quick process.

Selection and Recognition

The Surrey Heritage Advisory Commission reviews nominations and recommends winners to Council. Winners are recognized by Mayor and Council at the City Awards reception. It is anticipated that two Heritage in the City Awards will be awarded each year (one per category).  The SHAC reserves the right to only grant awards where there is merit; in special circumstances, less than or more than two awards may be awarded.

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