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Public Safety Strategy

Surrey's Public Safety Strategy, launched October 2016, is the result of work from dozens of staff members and over 1600 people across Surrey. It is built off of the completed Surrey Crime Reduction Strategy and outlines the purpose and scope of the plan, our public safety model, and how we consulted our community. It is based on the three guiding goals of public safety:

  1. Increased feelings of safety in our community.
  2. Improved quality of life for everyone.
  3. Improved civic participation and engagement.

The plan was updated in 2018. Review the 2018 Public Safety Strategy Update.

4 Key Priorities of Public Safety Strategy

Public consultation and meetings with groups, committees and key partners formed the goals and priorities of Surrey's Public Safety Strategy. The priorities reflect leading approaches to crime reduction, safe transportation and situational crime prevention, capacity building and education initiatives for early intervention, and integration of services that address the root causes of vulnerability in the community. The four priorities of Surrey's Public Safety Strategy are:

  1. Prevent and Reduce Crime
  2. Ensure Safe Places
  3. Build Community Capacity
  4. Support Vulnerable People