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Host a Block Party

Block Party Fraser Heights

Block parties are a great way to connect with your neighbours and have fun. Check out block parties and projects that other Surrey residents have recently done. If you have any questions about hosting a block party, please fill out and send the Block Party Application Form to the Block Party Committee at

Planning a Successful Block Party

Here are some tips that will help your event be as successful as possible.

Step 1: Pick a location

Block Parties can take place in a variety of locations. Where you decide to hold your Block Party will determine some of the steps that you need to go through.

On a street

  • Suitable for larger gatherings
  • Must be on local road or cul de sac and not a busy road
  • You will need to have $2 million in liability insurance. You can use your own provider, or purchase insurance for $25 through the City of Surrey. Check the box on the application form if you need us to call you to arrange for insurance.
  • To host your party on a street, you will need to get permission to close your street.

In a park

  • Suitable for large or small gatherings
  • You will need to have $2 million in liability insurance. You can use your own provider, or purchase insurance through the City for $25.
  • Check the box on the Block Party Application Form if you need us to call you to arrange for insurance.

On private property

  • For smaller gatherings, a lawn party can work well.
  • No permits are required.

Step 2: Pick a Time and Date

Pick a time and date that will allow the most people to attend. During work hours may be difficult. Think about a weekday, evening or weekend. Give yourself enough time to organize and advertise your event. If you are hosting it in a park, make sure you get confirmation from the City before advertising your event.

Step 3: Get a Team

Get help from friends and neighbours to make the block party happen. When you involve people in the planning they will be more likely come out and be involved. If people have specific tasks such as planning a game to play, taking care of food, or dropping off invitations to neighbours, it makes it much easier. Don't forget to ask people to help with set up and clean up.

Step 4: Plan Your Event

All sorts of things can happen at a block party! Ideas include:

  • Casual meeting of neighbours
  • Lawn games such as bocce or croquet
  • Sidewalk art projects such as chalk art
  • Potluck food
  • Music
  • "Get to know you" games
  • Include name tags to help with introductions

Temporary Health Permit

Just a reminder that you will need to apply for a Temporary Health Permit through Fraser Health if you will be selling food at your block party. You don't need a permit if you are having a BBQ or potluck with your neighbours.

Step 5: Invite Your Neighbours

A party is no fun if no one shows up. Make a flyer or invitation to send around to your neighbours to let them know about the event. It is also helpful to send out reminders closer to the date. Include date, time, what they can bring, street closure information (if required) and even invite them to share a talent or game idea. Check out the Canada 150 themed printable invitations below!

Step 6: Get some support

Part of the fun of Block Parties is meeting your neighbours and finding out what everyone can bring to the event.  The City of Surrey also offers some support which may help your Block Party be successful.

Apply for Neighbourhood Enhancement Grant to help cover the costs for food, insurance costs, and other expenses. This is especially useful if you are planning a larger event. Your block party may be eligible for up to $500 in funding.

Borrow a tent, table, chairs, road barricades and other equipment free of charge. Check out our Neighbourhood Event Equipment for a list of items we have available for pick up from City Hall.

For additional support in planning and hosting a great block party, download the Block Party Tool Kit.