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Neighbour Day

Neighbour Day is a celebration of community, bringing together the people next door, across the street or down the road. Its purpose is to build better relationships with the people who live around us because ultimately a connected community is a happy community. Surrey’s first annual Neighbour Day was officially celebrated on September 17, 2016. Next year, Neighbour Day will be celebrated on September 16, 2017.

Thank you for participating in Neighbour Day 2016

We had a great response to our photo contest. Lots of people got to know their neighbours and won prizes through the Neighbourhood Day photo contest. From August 1 to September 17 people shared photos of their events on the City’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.


Weekly $20 coffee cards were drawn on Fridays from August 5 to September 19, 2016 from the week’s valid entries. One grand prize winner was drawn on Monday September 19, 2016 from all valid entries received August 1 to September 17, 2016. The grand prize was a $500 gift certificate to Home Depot!

Event resources

Take a look at our Neighbourhood Team Resources if you’re looking for ideas or supplies that can help make your #SurreyNeighbourDay activity a hit next year. You can apply for a Celebration and Activity Grant to help fund your Neighbour Day activity. Check our more information on hosting a block party.

If you're planning on hosting a #SurreyNeighbourDay event in 2017 let us know because we'd like to connect with you. Fill out the form below:

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