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Project IRIS

Help speed up evidence gathering by police by voluntarily registering the location of your CCTV camera

Project IRIS (Integrated Resources for Investigations and Safety) is a camera registry. The registry will record the location of cameras owned by businesses and residents in Surrey. This video camera registry initiative is a partnership between the City of Surrey, Surrey RCMP, businesses, and the community. It is part of the Public Safety Strategy.

Register your camera now

Surveillance technologies such as closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras have proven to be instrumental in aiding police with investigations. They are also a necessary and important tool in situational crime prevention. Historically, when an incident occurs, RCMP officers will manually canvass surrounding properties and businesses to identify locations that may potentially have private camera footage that might have captured vital evidence.

The Project IRIS (Integrated Resources for Investigations and Safety) initiative provides a camera registry that identifies specific locations of City facilities, residents and businesses’ cameras. Equipped with the knowledge of locations of security cameras, police can more quickly and efficiently conduct their investigation when an incident occurs.

The initiative has two ways of collecting the location data for CCTV cameras. In the first instance the City has created a database of all camera resources on City-owned land. The second way is through residents and businesses voluntarily signing up to the new public camera registry. The registry is a voluntary mechanism for residents and businesses to register the location of premises they own that have security cameras which record footage.

By registering their cameras and helping speed up investigations, citizens and businesses play a direct role in supporting public safety.

Robust protocols are in place to ensure the privacy of the information supplied in the registry. The Surrey RCMP will directly contact camera owners to determine if they are willing to share their footage. Project IRIS provides a way to speed up this process dramatically and assist Surrey RCMP with their investigations.

How we’ll measure success

  • Camera Locations Registered
  • RCMP Database Queries to identify Cameras

Project IRIS Partners

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