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Gang Exiting and Outreach Program

Concerns about gang involvement and violence associated with gangs were a consistent theme in our consultation sessions. While police and other agencies have a direct mandate to respond to violent crime and gang related offences, there is a role for the City and its partners to play in supporting gang exiting programs.

In support of the province’s Guns and Gangs strategy, the End Gang Life – Gang Exiting and Outreach Pilot was launched in November 2016 to provide support for individuals who are already involved in the gang lifestyle and want to make positive changes.

Operated by the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit, BC, the two-year Gang Exiting and Outreach Pilot uses an evidenced-based case management approach to provide exiting support to adult gang members (18+). Supports include, but are not limited to, clinical counselling, employment skill training, mental health and addictions support, life skills training and tattoo removal. Outreach is also extended to the gang members’ family and friends.

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If you or someone you know would like to be part of the End Gang Life - BC Gang Exit Program, contact

The average gang member, who dies, doesn't reach 30 years old. 73% of gang murder victims were drug traffickers.” – Lindsay Houghton, CFSEU

The Lower Mainland End Gang Life - Gang Exiting and Outreach Pilot will:

  • support adults to limit their risk of gang participation,
  • help adult gang members who are already involved in the Surrey gang lifestyle make positive changes and exit the gang and
  • work with gang members' family, friends and communities to support gang education, gang prevention and gang departure in Surrey.

Gang Exiting and Outreach Pilot Partners

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