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Be Safe Online

October is Cyber Security Awareness Month!

Test your cyber IQ and enter to WIN!

About 'Be Safe Online'

'Be Safe Online' is a City of Surrey cyber safety outreach program that is part of the Public Safety Strategy. It has been designed to give trusted and actionable education and resources to Surrey residents and Surrey small to medium-sized businesses.

Top 5 ways to be safe online

  1. Use two step authentication to protect your accounts. The majority of passwords chosen can be hacked in less than one second. Watch the video above to learn the importance of two step authentication.
  2. Learn to recognize “phishing scams” and other types of identity theft, and what you should do if identity theft happens to you.
  1. Never use unsecured WiFi. Unauthorized people can access anything you are doing online if the WiFi is not encrypted. For example, they could access your passwords or read private email. Read tips on how to secure your home WiFi and how to choose WiFi connections when in public.
  2. Use security software on your devices. Run antivirus software to conduct frequent system scans, and ensure your system firewall is turned on.
  3. Learn how to keep your children safe online. If your children use social media, play online games, post online or chat with friends over the Internet, they have a social identity. Learn what you need to know about social networks, cyberbullying, and tips for keeping your kids safe online .

Are you a business owner?

Understand cyber safety risks and learn to keep your business and employees safe from cyber crime.

Are you interested in having a cyber safety specialist come speak to your employees or business group? Contact for more information or to submit a request.

Have questions? Need help?

Drop-in to a Technology Help session at your local Surrey Library to get your questions answered!

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