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Yo Bro | Yo Girl Youth Initiative

The Yo Bro | Yo Girl Youth Initiative focuses on youth outreach and support to improve public safety by intervening early with vulnerable youth. Early identification of risk factors and outreach to those most vulnerable to criminal or gang involvement has been proven to be an effective crime prevention technique.

Since 2009, the City has supported the Yo Bro | Yo Girl Youth Initiative. It specifically focuses on prevention of gang involvement, violence and substance use among youth. This program has now developed a range of impactful, life-changing programs delivered in the classroom, out of school, and during school breaks. It reaches boys (Yo Bro) and girls (Yo Girl), aged 12 to 18 years and allows older program participants to play a mentorship role as alumni of the program.

The program connects youth with educational and recreational activities that focus on improving school and community engagement, positive social interactions, and improved individual confidence and autonomy.

The initiative is delivered at both the elementary and high school level to reach the target audience. Innovative program design and engaging delivery of material help connect with youth on their level, in a way that respects their situation and recognizes their needs. This program has demonstrated significant value in diverting young people vulnerable to the gang lifestyle or other precursors to criminal activity.

On April 29, 2017 the City of Surrey, Surrey School District and Yo Bro | Yo Girl announced expanded support for the program. Through expansion of the existing partnership, more kids will have access to recreation programs, physical education opportunities and education about the risks of drugs, gangs and other negative lifestyle choices. 

Programs and presentations include:

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Contact with any questions about the program and for more information visit the Yo Bro | Yo Girl website.

How we'll measure success

  • Building Positive Social Norms
  • Schools Participating in the Program
  • Total Program Reach in Surrey

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