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WRAParound Program

Schools are a critical community hub and provide a major point of contact for many public safety programs. As such, the Surrey School District partners with Surrey RCMP and the City of Surrey to deliver the WRAParound Program (WRAP). This strategic initiative supports school aged children by providing youth with resources and builds positive life skills.

The program provides opportunities to be mentored by positive adult allies, engage in recreation, volunteer and gain leadership skills. It focuses on prevention through education and intervention in a variety of languages.

Surrey School District, Surrey RCMP and City of Surrey staff provide support and mentor youth in the program. Parents, caregivers and/or guardians are included in goal setting.

Participants are connected to City of Surrey volunteer opportunities to build their capacity and leadership. Youth have access to recreation opportunities through the City’s Leisure Access Program. In October 2017, the Premier announced the province will provide $500,000 annually to the WRAP Program to help reduce and hopefully put an end to the programs waitlist.

"An engaged child, is one who is not out there disturbing the peace, so kids who are involved in after school activities, who release their energy through physical activity,  and who feel like they are part of something … are not going to go out and cause trouble later.” - Daniel To, Surrey School District

How we'll measure success

  • At Risk Youth Participation
  • Participant Graduation Rate
  • Prosocial Engagement by Participants


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