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Diversity Outreach Program

Surrey embraces the values of diversity and recognizes the importance of working with our diverse communities to promote public safety. The City welcomes newcomers and has several programs targeted at supporting people from a variety of cultural, social and economic backgrounds.

The Diversity Outreach Program is led by the Surrey RCMP to expand the ability of community police officers to connect with the City’s diverse communities. The team has specialists focusing on areas of opportunity and needs of specific groups.

"It can be challenging for newcomers to ask for help or even understand the role of police in Canada. The Surrey RCMP Diversity Unit proactively reaches out to people from all backgrounds and across cultural and language barriers to build positive relationships and show that police officers are here to help." – Inspector Andy LeClair

The Diversity Outreach team is responsible for local community engagement with different cultural and socio-economic groups within Surrey. The team organizes and participates in community engagement activities and events, community presentations and safety training forums.

The outreach program supports diverse communities to access services and provides positive and proactive engagement with the police. This supports public safety by increasing the likelihood that members of diverse communities feel engaged with the wider community and they are more likely to report crime or other issues when they occur.

Through the Diversity Outreach team, the RCMP can provide specific support for people from different backgrounds, including services in languages other than English. Connecting with people on common cultural ground rapidly improves their willingness to engage with authority figures, such as the police.

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