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Integrated Services Network (ISN)

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The Surrey Integrated Services Network (ISN) is a new multi-agency initiative that brings agencies from justice, social services and health together to address the root causes of crime.

Surrey ISN targets ‘social chronic’ offenders whose interactions with the criminal justice system are a result of their substance use, mental health and housing challenges. It aims to reduce relapses among prolific offenders with multiple disorders, including decreasing the severity of new charges. By breaking the cycle of criminal justice involvement, the ISN will lead to improved outcomes for vulnerable populations and increased safety for all Surrey residents.

How we’ll measure success

  • Decrease criminal relapses in ISN clients
  • Increase alternatives to jail for non-violent offenders
  • Reduce accused from going to remand before case disposition
  • Increase service retention
  • Increase court order and treatment plan compliance

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