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Distressed Properties Response Program

Distressed property

The Distressed Properties Response Program has been developed to identify residential properties tipping towards a state of distress, and enables the City to take measures to address problems before they decline further and incur risk of crime or fire.

Under this initiative, a Community Property Safety Team has been formed to address and monitor immediate issues and develop long range strategies to prevent the decline of properties. Problem properties will be dealt with using existing tools, such as the abandoned property, fire service and nuisance property bylaws.

As well, a property tax review will be completed and fire and property data will be compiled to identify properties that are at a higher risk of neglect and delinquency.

By taking early action, the team can reduce the risk of these properties becoming locations for illegal and nuisance activities, and can prevent overall neighbourhood decline.

The Community Property Safety Team will:

  • monitor distressed properties,
  • create long-term strategies to prevent the future decline of properties,
  • use existing tools such as abandoned property, fire service, and nuisance property bylaws, and
  • conduct property tax reviews to identify high risk properties.

How we’ll measure success

  • Under development

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