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Community Safety Patrols

Community Safety Patrol officer speaking with someone in the public

We are taking a collaborative approach towards public safety with our enhanced Community Safety Patrols. Community Safety Patrols engage with the community and identify safety concern at a local level. Under the Public Safety Strategy, the Community Safety Patrol will work towards the expansion of community patrols across Surrey.

Since 2015 the Community Patrol officers have: completed 3685 businesses visits, made 2086 referrals for support services and given 2769 verbal warnings to those causing issues on the street.

The groups that form the Community Safety Patrols are made up of different partners. But, they are all working towards a common goal. This goal is to provide uniformed, street-level support for specific town centres.  These patrol teams collaborate and share information to ensure coverage of key town centre locations.

Community Safety Patrols

  • work with the public to address safety concerns,
  • make referrals to service providers, and
  • liaise with local community organizations and businesses to flag enforcement issues for follow up.

How we’ll measure success

  • Increase in the number of business reporting satisfaction with program and experience of safety
  • Increase in the number of service requests received
  • Increase in the number of referrals made to social services, RCMP, Fire, Bylaws
  • Decrease in repeat incidents with individuals

Community Safety Patrol Partners

  • Community Patrol Officers (CPO)
  • Newton Business Development (BIA)
  • Downtown Surrey Business Improvement (DSBIA) self – funded Community Patrols
  • Cloverdale Business Improvement Association (CBIA) “Safe Cloverdale” patrol (currently under development)
  • Surrey Crime Prevention Society

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