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Block Watch

Two people with a Block Watch sign at a booth

During public consultation for the Public Safety Strategy, we learned from participants that public safety starts with your own neighbourhood. This means feeling safe to walk and play in your neighbourhood, and also feeling connected with your neighbours. That’s why neighbourhood level programs like the Block Watch are an important part of ensuring safe places in Surrey. Block Watch is all about working together with your neighbours to take a proactive approach to crime prevention and safety.

As a Block Watch participant you can help take responsibility for the safety in your own neighbourhood. If you’re part of the Block Watch program you will learn about situational crime prevention tactics. This will help equip you to be proactive about neighbourhood safety. Those who are currently part of a Block Watch report feeling engaged in their community. This makes it easier to detect suspicious behaviours that can undermine public safety. Start a Block Watch in your community and let’s take action together.

The Block Watch will

  • improve relationships between police and community,
  • build neighbour relationships, and
  • reduce the opportunity for crime.

How we’ll measure success

  • Increase in participant’s satisfaction with the Block Watch Program
  • Increase in the number of Block Watch groups

Block Watch Partners

  • Surrey RCMP

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