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Road Safety Education and Awareness

Traffic Safety volunteers

Photo provided by Surrey Crime Prevention Society

Public awareness campaigns and monitoring traffic safety can have a significant impact on behaviour in the transport system, and it requires dedicated effort and coordination. Two specific road safety programs conducted in Surrey are the Cell Watch and Speed Watch programs. Both programs are supported by ICBC, the City of Surrey, Surrey RCMP and Surrey Crime Prevention Society (SCPS). Surrey RCMP and SCPS volunteers participate in these programs to help create a culture of safe driving in the City, which ultimately results in a decrease of preventable motor vehicle collisions and injury.

Speed Watch is a program designed to raise awareness and reduce incidents of speeding. Volunteers monitor vehicle speeds in school and playground zones, high crash zones, and neighbourhood streets, giving motorists instant feedback on how fast they are driving. A police officer will attend whenever possible in order to issue warnings or tickets to drivers. Information collected is forwarded to police and ICBC, who use it to identify high risk locations. Additionally, the City is increasing deployment of speed-reading boards in target areas.

The Cell Watch program is an educational initiative aimed at reducing distracted driving, such as talking and texting while behind the wheel. Information gathered is used to better understand the issue at a local level and to develop initiatives to reduce distracted driving. The high visibility of these programs and the equipment used to support these efforts encourage drivers to slow down and/or put their phones away so they can focus on driving thereby improving road safety.

The Road Safety Education and Awareness programs will

  • raise awareness and reduce incidents of speeding,
  • encourage drivers to slow down, and
  • encourage drivers to put their phones away.

Road Safety Education and Awareness Partners