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Children and Youth At-Risk Table (CHART)

The Children and Youth At-Risk Table (CHART) is a proactive initiative that supports children and youth before they show negative behaviours or get involved in criminal activity. CHART also supports those who may already be exhibiting anti-social behaviours or be at-risk of gang involvement.

At each CHART meeting, a team of service providers receives referrals and considers the risk factors that may be impacting the young person. Together they create a tailored plan that takes into consideration the individuals’ strengths, skills, talents and vulnerabilities.

CHART ensures services are responsive to culture, gender, neighbourhood context and family need. Specific attention is given to addressing Indigenous needs, as required. The goal is to empower and support people in a way that moves them away from negative behaviours or groups, toward a more positive lifestyle with a focus on strong connections to community, family and school.

CHART Process

  • Children, youth or families in need of help connect with a service provider or referral agency.
  • CHART member or referral agency refers the individual to the table.
  • Members of CHART determine best service to support individual.
  • Lead agency coordinates delivery of supports and services.

Access to CHART is through SAFE partners. For more information about CHART contact

CHART Partners

All communications are kept confidential.