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Measuring Sustainability

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The Sustainability Dashboard is an online platform that tracks and shares the progress of Surrey's sustainability indicators over time. Launched in 2012, it has provided a transparent, user-friendly, and publicly-accessible report card on our sustainability achievements.

New City Dashboard Coming Soon

The City of Surrey's newly updated Sustainability Charter 2.0 ensures we have a long-term community vision that continues to reflect the priorities and needs of our city. Through this process, we've refined the set indicators that will ensure we're measuring impactful outcomes and can tell us if we're hitting the mark on sustainability.

Our new City Dashboard will be a user-friendly and interactive website that allows you to dig into the data and trends on broad issues related to sustainability. Stay tuned for this exciting development!

Sustainable Development of Communities

In November 2015, Council approved Corporate Report No. R227:2015 to pursue ISO 37120 certification, a new global standard for measuring the sustainable development of communities. Pursuing this certification aligns with our Sustainability Charter 2.0, the overarching policy document for the City. The certification will complement the 'made-in-Surrey' City Dashboard that is being developed, and facilitate benchmarking against other global cities that are leading on sustainability.

Carbon Neutral Corporate Operations

As a signatory to the BC Climate Action Charter, the City of Surrey is committed to the goal of becoming carbon neutral in our corporate operations and to reporting publically on our climate action progress each year. In 2015, the City became carbon neutral. In other words, the greenhouse gas emissions generated by our facilities and fleet were offset or balanced by projects that reduced the equivalent number of emissions.

Learn more about our progress on reducing corporate greenhouse gas emissions.

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