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Streams & Water Quality

Surrey stream.

Surrey has an open drainage policy, meaning that the City has endeavored to keep Surrey’s 1400 km of stream and creek habitats protected over the course of infrastructure development. Protecting Surrey's natural areas promotes healthy and productive stream environments and preserves the water quality for the aquatic species, such as salmon and trout, which live within the habitats.

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Several Coho Salmon Fry swimming in Surrey.


Learn about the kinds of fish in Surrey, how they are protected and where you might spot some.

ENG-Water Quality Monitoring

Water Quality Monitoring

Read about the ongoing monitoring programs Surrey takes part in to manage their waterways.

Storm drain with yellow fish marker.

Water Pollution

Find out who to contact if you think you might see water pollution.

kids for salmon protection

Salmon Marshal (SaM) Programs

Join Surrey's Salmon Marshal public programs to learn how to protect aquatic species in creeks.


Watershed Research

Learn about the research in the watersheds throughout the city.

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Learn about drainage in Surrey, including flooding, soil and erosion issues and what you can do to maintain drainage around your property.