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Gardening for Balconies and Small Spaces

Hummingbird feeding at a flower

If you live in an apartment, condo or townhouse, and have little outdoor space, you still have the opportunity to create a garden. You'll create cleaner air, have a lush balcony or deck, and make great opportunities to view local birds and other wildlife.

Gardening ideas for small spaces: 

  • Evergreen shrubs planted in containers, decorative rock piles or nest boxes will offer shelter for small wildlife.
  • Seed, nectar or berry producing plants will attract small birds. Supplement these plants with bird feeders (seed and nectar) to attract birds year-round.
  • Small water fountains, birdbaths or a small, shallow dish of fresh water will attract small wildlife. Replace the water daily to avoid mosquitoes.
  • Nest boxes, hanging baskets, window and railing boxes, or trellis-climbing vines will save space.
  • Upwards-planted gardens will help you use your vertical space.

Tips for gardening on your balcony:

Sunlight: Choose the appropriate plants for the conditions of your balcony or small space. If you have a north-facing space, choose shade-tolerant plants; for a south-facing space, choose plants that require full sunlight.

Balcony weight restrictions: Look into the weight restrictions of your balcony before creating your balcony habitat project. Choose plastic containers that are lightweight and durable rather then the heavy alternatives.

Native plants: Plant a variety of native plants in your balcony or small space garden. There are many benefits of planting native plants including the fact that they are low maintenance.

Plant growth:  Pick plants based on their future size. It's nice to have a full garden, but be careful when planning your small space garden.