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Native Plants


What are native plants?

Native plants are species that are originally from this area, and are well adapted to our climate. We're lucky in Surrey to have so many parks to inspire our lush, year-round gardens.

Why should you plant native plants?

Water Conservation

You'll use less water when you stock your garden with native plants. This is because these plants are used to the seasonal rainfall we see in this area. You only need to give them a little extra water to get them established when you first plant them.

Reduced Maintenance

Native gardens require little work. The plants usually grow together very well and are usually more resistant to diseases and pests. This means you'll avoid using costly, potentially harmful, pesticides and fertilizers in your yard.


Tailor your landscape to attract birds, butterflies, ladybugs, and more. One of the most pleasant benefits of planting a native garden is the wildlife!

Watch and listen to birds and other wildlife in your yard, and know you're increasing the habitat and food available to them in an urban setting.


You don't have to overhaul your garden and replace every plant with a native one. Many gardeners choose to incorporate native plants into their existing gardens gradually.

The following resources can help support your quest to use native plants in your yard or small space:

For questions about native plants, call 604-501-5050.

For more information about caring for trees on your property, see Protecting Surrey's Urban Forest.

View a selection of commonly found native plants in Surrey: