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Clean Energy City Award

Surrey is a city that adapts to change and innovates in creative ways to address climate change, one of the major challenges facing cities in the 21st century. The Clean Energy City Award recognizes forward thinking individuals and organizations working to reduce energy consumption and increase energy conservation in the City of Surrey.

The City of Surrey has committed to reducing greenhouse gas emission in the community 33% per capita by 2020 and 80% per capita by 2050.

The Clean Energy City Award will celebrate the people and ideas that enable this change.

Please refer to our Terms of Reference for more information about this award.

Award Categories

The Clean Energy City Award is an "Award of Excellence." There are two categories: Community and Business. The award recognizes the most outstanding and innovative contributions in energy efficiency and conservation. Eligible projects could include:

  • Energy conservation in a physical location or building (e.g. smart building concept, smart recycling with regeneration)
  • Energy conservation in business operations (e.g. corporate emissions plan, incorporating new technology)
  • Enhancing energy efficiency and implementing resource sharing program (e.g. carpool program, public bike system); or
  • Education or public awareness programs.

2017 Finalists

Business Category

Fortis BC (Award Recipient) 

Community Group Category

Areef Abraham - Empower Me (Award Recipient) 

Eligibility and Nomination

Nominations were open from April 10, 2017 to June 10, 2017. The winners were announced on October 25, 2017.

What can be entered?

Any project, individual, organization, or business that fits the above criteria.

Who can be considered for award?

Organizations, businesses and individuals who are working to reduce, or have acheived significant reductions in, energy consumption and green house gas emissions and/or increased energy conservation and efficiency in the City of Surrey.

Who can submit?

Anyone, it’s a simple and quick process. You may submit yourself, or your business, group or organization for consideration. You may also nominate others for award consideration through the same submission process.

Selection and Recognition

All submissions will be evaluated by a committee that includes representatives from the City of Surrey.



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