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Green City Award

The Green City Awards recognize and celebrate the outstanding contributions of individuals, non-profit groups or community groups and businesses who:

  • Take Action! People who take “extra measures” or “go beyond” what is otherwise expected of them to enhance Surrey’s natural environment. These people, typically the ‘unsung heroes’, inspire us and show us that we can make a difference if put the effort in.
  • Inspire & Inform! People who engage, educate, and create awareness in the community about issues of concern, actions residents or businesses can take show us the way and play a critical role in enhancing Surrey’s natural assets.

The nomination process is simple and it is a great way to recognize those in the community who make Surrey a great place to live!

Please refer to our Terms of Reference for more information about this award.

Award Categories

There are three Green City Award categories:

  1. Outstanding Individual
  2. Community Group (neighbourhood or non-profit)
  3. Business

2017 Finalists

Outstanding Individual

Wendy Hilbers & Ralph Go (Award Recipient) 

Community Group

White Rock and Surrey Naturalists – White Rock and Surrey Naturalists (Award Recipient) 


London Drugs – What’s the Green Deal? (Award Recipient) 

John Pickard – Pro Tree Services

Carolyn Scotchmer – TD Bank Group

Eligibility and Nomination

Nominations were open from April 10, 2017 to June 10, 2017. The winners were announced on October 25, 2017.

Green City awards are considered by nomination. Once the call for nomination has been issued, nominations can be submitted online, mailed or dropped off at Main Reception in the lobby of City Hall.

What can be entered?
Any project, group, individual, organization, or business that fits the criteria.

Who can be nominated?
Key areas where there is a desire to see engagement and action can be found in the following theme areas: Environmental programming and education, tree planting, stream stewardship, and other innovative stewardship measures across the City, pollution prevention, and waste reduction and recycling. All Surrey residents, groups, organizations and businesses are eligible to be nominated.

Who can nominate?
Anyone, it’s a simple and quick process.

Selection and Recognition

The Environmental Sustainability Advisory Committee reviews the submissions and recommend to Council the recipients for the Green City Awards. Winners are recognized by Mayor and Council at the City Awards reception.


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