We welcome you to explore our new website and provide your feedback.

In September 2020, the City of Surrey launched a new flagship website. Right away you’ll notice our:

  • Bold, new design with impactful type faces;
  • Branded colours used more throughout the website;
  • A more prominent, predictive search bar; and
  • A more responsive design that works on all screen sizes.

Additional Key Features include:

New Menu

Some of our content has been reorganized to help users more easily find what they are looking for. The collapsed menu style of the desktop experience mirrors the mobile experience. We have also developed a secondary menu to help users more easily get to where they want to go even faster.

MySurrey Integration

Users can now log into their MySurrey account directly from surrey.ca. The header on the website matches that of the MySurrey account, providing a seamless user experience.

Park and Facility Filters

Our newly designed Park and Facility listing pages allow users to filter to what they are looking for. Try looking up City parks and facilities by community or by amenity.

Council Documents Search

Users now have easier access to our most downloaded bylaws, or they can filter for the council documents they need. This includes corporate reports, general and regulatory bylaws, committee meeting minutes, and more.

Project Background

Beginning in 2017, the City's Web and New Media team began the process of planning for a new website that would better address the needs of our residents, business owners, visitors, and other website users. 

From March 2018 - March 2019, we reached out regularly to learn from our users to understand their priorities for the website to inform us on how to best approach this project.

In that time, we talked to over 1,400 people about how our site is organized, how easy it is to use, and what services are most helpful. Putting all this information together helped us create a plan on how to best focus on our users’ priorities. Part of that plan is committing to building a new surrey.ca on newer, more flexible, open-source technology that will get users directly to the information they need.

Some common themes from user feedback included:

  • There is too much information
  • Information can be hard to find, even with Search
  • Speaking of Search, users prefer to use Search than navigate through the site
  • Registering for Recreation activities and finding program information can be difficult

We took those key elements and built a plan for developing a site that has only the most relevant and up-to-date information organized in a way that is easy to find, with and without Search.

Explore the new Surrey.ca to find more accessible, engaging, and dynamic content.

What’s Next?

Now that the new site has launched, we are interested to hear from our users again to find out if we hit the mark on these goals and any first impressions of our new design, structure, and features. Email webteam@surrey.ca to send us your feedback and suggestions on how we can continue to improve the website experience.