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Fraser View Park

Fraser View Park


16050 112 Avenue, Surrey BC

About Fraser View Park

Fraser View Park is a large, beautiful park that features some open grass areas with developing natural area.   You'll find the central portion of the park (off 112 Ave) is predominantly meadows and open space, with forest groves at the east and west ends.

Although the park was first established in 1988, the majority of the land was acquired by the City in 1995.  Today the park features over 6.5 hectares (16 acres) of grass, steep slopes and second growth forest.  The majority of the park is accessible from 112 Avenue, west of 160 Street, although you will find a second access from 113 Avenue and 160 Street.


The City of Surrey is looking to develop a dog off-leash area in Fraser View Park. An open house was held on May 30 to gather community feedback.

As part of the planning and design process we’d love to hear your ideas on this proposal and any other thoughts on how we can make Fraser View Park a great place! Contact Doug Merry at for more information.

We have designed a concept plan showing the new off-leash area, along with a new perimeter trail and benches. The off-leash area is about 1.2 acres and will be fully fenced. That leaves about 1.5 acres of passive grass that will remain for other park users. We will also remove some of the blackberry and replant with native species as well as more tree planting along 112 Ave. Finally, we will improve the drainage in the whole park so it is more useable for everyone year round. Please review these plans and let us know what you think! Your input will help shape the final design for this off-leash area.