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Display Gardens

Display Gardens

Please note that Glades Garden is closed to the public until further notice due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Darts Hill Garden Park has reopened for the season. Pre-registration is required.

Surrey’s display gardens are vibrant and diverse, showcasing beautiful colour and inspirational designs. From the rare and extraordinary flora at Darts Hill Garden Park, to the woodland gardens in The Glades, and the labyrinth and sculpture art in the Fleetwood Gardens, you'll find a tremendous variety of flowering plants, shrubs, trees and art work in the display gardens of Surrey.

Note Darts Hill and The Glades Gardens are open during events only. Please visit the garden pages below for details.

Park Garden Address Town Centre
Bear Creek Park Bear Creek Display Garden 13750-88 Avenue North Surrey
Darts Hill Garden Park Darts Hill Display Garden 1633 170 Street South Surrey
Fleetwood Park Fleetwood Park Display Garden 15802 80 Avenue Fleetwood
Hawthorne Park Hawthorne Display Garden 10503 144 Street North Surrey
Holland Park Holland Park Display Garden 13428 Old Yale Road City Centre
The Glades Garden Park The Glades Display Garden 561 172 Street South Surrey
Former City Hall WaterWise Demo Display Garden 144 Street & 57 Avenue Cloverdale

For questions about any of the display gardens listed here, contact us at or 604-501-5050.

See our community gardens page for more information on where you can plant your own garden.