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Taking Time

Julie Andreyev, Bikeride (2009), video installation, 4'47, audio. Courtesy of the artist, photographed by Scott Massey.

Julie Andreyev, Josh Hite, Mark Lewis, Gabriela Vanga and Mircea Cantor
September 14, 2012 to January 6, 2013

Exploring portraits of the everyday in the urban landscape through moving image projections, Taking Time focuses on ideas of the commute, routine and activity, and small acts.

Four works from Canadian and international artists were shown in looping sequence. Visitors to the UrbanScreen could tune into FM89.9 on an MP3 player or car stereo when nearby in order to hear the artworks with soundtracks.

Artist Talk with Julie Andreyev and Josh Hite


Friday, November 9, 2012 
Chuck Bailey Recreation Centre

Exhibiting artist Julie Andreyev spoke about Bikeride in the context of her Animal Lover series, an interspecies collaboration with her two companion dogs, and Josh Hite spoke about Repeats and Attempts in the context of his practice.

Bikeride is informed by Andreyev’s everyday activities with her dogs, Tom and Sugi, detailing their actions in relation to passing urban scenes on bike routes in Vancouver.

Collectively shot by skaters and riders at Chuck Bailey, Hite’s Repeats and Attempts unravels rhythms that emerge from seemingly perpetual endeavours, somewhere between hard work and serious play.

Taking Time invitation poster




Taking Time invitation poster



Feature image: Julie Andreyev, Bikeride (2009), video installation, 4'47," audio. Courtesy of the artist, photographed by Scott Massey.