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The Space of Difference

Courtesy of Operative Agency (Bryan Lemos Beça and Steve DiPasquale).

Operative Agency (Bryan Lemos Beça and Steve DiPasquale)
September 19 to March 29, 2015

The Space of Difference brings together past and present biological and geological imagery. The artists classify the biological as the flow of organic mass and energy, and the geological as encrustations of matter. In this way, the biological includes the rustling cornfield as well as the movement of passengers on the SkyTrain, and the geological extends from the landscaped lawn to the rapid transit track.

These two spheres of imagery make up the video matrix for the artwork. Drawing from this matrix of material, which is coded to respond to the movement of the SkyTrain, pairings of images cut in vertical strips are produced. Much like a digital version of rollage art or rotating billboards in the process of changing from one advertisement to another, two images are seen at once. This chance combination of images – an allele – represents for the artists an imaginative possibility where viewers create their own meanings, speculations, and interpretations of place.

The Space of Difference videos were shot at Chuck Bailey Recreation Centre Youth Park and its surrounding area, as well as other locations in Metro Vancouver.

The Space of Difference Invitation Poster

About Operative Agency (Bryan Lemos Beça and Steve DiPasquale)

Operative Agency (OA) is a spatial-political research think-tank based in Vancouver and Toronto. With a critical disposition towards art and design, OA seeks to enhance public engagement with the built environment, excavating and teasing out new opportunities for interaction, play, and civic awareness. Central to this goal for OA is an understanding that the politics of the public realm are an embodied, lived experience, with critical design freeing the latent potential of the urban commons.

The Space of Difference was developed by Operative Agency with Shelley Long, Ryan Nelson, and Ritchie Argue.

Operative Agency would like to thank as documentary subjects: Barry Luger, Xwalacktun (Rick Harry), Chuck Bailey Recreation Centre Youth Park participants; for equipment and production: France Carriere, Brandon Flores, Bob McQuay, Rafael Santa Ana, Greg Zemrau; for locations: David Horn, David Jacobsen, Michelle Nelson; and for research and support: Matt Elton, Thomas Heffernan, Moberley Luger, Kenneth Newby, Chris Rudden, Surrey Archives staff, Nathan Whitford, Joyce Wood, Laura Wood.

PechaKucha Night Surrey Vol. 1 Public Art

Thursday, October 16, 2014 6:30PM
@ Centre Stage (Surrey City Hall, 13450 104 Avenue)
Tickets $15, call the Surrey Civic Theatres Box Office (604.501.5566, press 1)
or visit

Attendees were able to learn more about local and international public art. Artists, architects, directors, and coordinators informed and entertained with short, fast-paced presentations (20 slides for 20 seconds each).

Doors opened with a musical performance by Naad Foundation artists Amarjeet Singh (tabla), Dr. Bruce Harding (flute), and Coach Sandhu (guitar) at 6:30pm, followed by the presentations from 7:00pm to 8:30pm.

Speakers included:

  • Miriam Blume (Vancouver Biennale);
  • Peggy Kendellen (Oregon’s Public Art Program);
  • Cath Brunner (projects realized by 4Culture throughout Washington state);
  • Laura Becker and Kelly Pajek (Seattle’s Public Art Program);
  • Lori Phillip (City and District of North Vancouver’s Public Art Program);
  • Karen Henry (Vancouver’s Public Art Program);
  • Eric Fiss (Richmond’s Public Art Program);
  • Vanessa Kwan (Other Sights for Artists’ Projects in Vancouver);
  • Diana Freundl (Vancouver Art Gallery Offsite program); and
  • Karen Bubb (Copenhagen’s Little Mermaid sculpture by Edvard Eriksen in Denmark).


Above images detail presentations by Laura Becker and Kelly Pajek, Vanessa Kwan, and Diana Freundl, photographed by Edward Westerhuis.

Bryan Lemos Beça and Steve DiPasquale concluded with an introduction to The Space of Difference, and an invitation to view the artwork with them onsite at UrbanScreen.

This event was presented by the City of Surrey’s Public Art Program with the BC Public Art Network. PechaKucha Night is devised and shared by Klein Dytham architecture, and Surrey Civic Theatres was pleased to launch the PechaKucha Night Surrey series at Centre Stage with Vol 1. Public Art.

Meet the Artists Bryan Lemos Beça and Steve DiPasquale

Thursday, October 16, 2014 8:30PM
@ UrbanScreen, projecting art after dark
Free event with refreshments

The public was invited to join the artists, Bryan Lemos Beça and Steve DiPasquale (Operative Agency), to experience this new artwork as the video matrix responds to the movement of the SkyTrain.

Feature image: Operative Agency (Bryan Lemos Beça and Steve DiPasquale), The Space of Difference (2014), interactive video installation. Courtesy of the artists, photographed by Edward Westerhuis.