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Promotions Support for Renters of Surrey Civic Theatres

Electronic sign at 88 Avenue and King George Boulevard

So you're thinking of hosting your event with Surrey Civic Theatres?

We know you want lots of people to attend your event and have a fabulous experience!

It's important for renters to have their own promotions plan in place. For performing arts events open to a general audience, Surrey Civic Theatres provides additional promotions support that includes:

  • Page on the City of Surrey / Surrey Civic Theatres website
  • Listing in the Surrey Civic Theatres digital newsletter
  • Posters on display at Surrey Arts Centre, and Centre Stage at Surrey City Hall
  • Listing on the electronic sign at 88 Avenue/King George Boulevard (pictured above)
  • Suggestions for opportunities that renters can do themselves (e.g. we provide a list of local media contacts)

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