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Community Art

Hang Out. Make Art.

Are you interested in sharing creativity? Want to join group art projects in your neighborhood? Come be a part of Community Art.

Examples of Community Art Projects

Sumi Ink Club group drawing activity

The Sumi Ink Club invites people to draw on a shared drawing surface. Participants are encouraged to move around the space and add to each other’s drawings. This hands-on activity creates an inclusive space for people to work together.

Large cardboard wolf sculpture project

The Cardboard Wolf is a giant sculpture of a timber wolf made out of recycled cardboard and hot glue. This project is led by the Kwantlen Park Secondary School Art Club, with contributions from over 100 community members

Temporary mural made from recycled street banners

Circuitry Birds: Future in Flight is a temporary mural made out of recycled street banners. This project was developed and installed by a team of youth and young adults in City Centre.

Get Involved

Creative Skill Share: Clay Video Mix

Participants working with clay

Use clay to create a short video.

September 13, 2018

Creative Skill Share: Cardboard Sculptures

Participant holds up a Cardboard mask

Learn techniques to make your own cardboard sculptures!

August 23, 2018

Teen Art Drop-In: Métis Paddle Carving

Miniature paddles with unique designs

Experience the Métis art of paddle carving with Pat Calihou.

August 29, 2018