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Public Art Policy

Elder Moon by Leonard Wells & Leslie Wells. Photo by Brian Giebelhaus

Vision & Benefits

Public art is a highly visible, accessible, and engaging way of telling stories on a city-wide scale. Whether it’s reflecting on our heritage or offering a playful form, public art can make us stop, reexamine something, and spark conversation about the ideas that art bring to our lives and communities.

In addition to fostering creativity, dialogue, and civic character, public art positively contributes to Surrey’s urbanization, placemaking, and economic development through cultural tourism.


Investment in the City of Surrey’s public art projects is guided by its Public Art Policy and its Public Art Plan with new art projects funded from contributions resulting from its Private Development Public Art Program, a program implemented in March 2011, as well as contributions from the City’s capital construction projects such as new civic facilities.

Public Art Policy

Download a copy of the City of Surrey Public Art Policy, updated in 2018.

Public Art Advisory Committee (PAAC)

The Public Art Advisory Committee is a Council-appointed voluntary committee of 9 members. Their primary responsibility is to advise Council on the implementation of the policy and on all matters concerning Public Art.

  • Councillor Judy Villeneuve, Chairperson
  • Jim Adams
  • Jude Hannah
  • Jen Hough
  • Robert McMurray
  • Diane Purvey
  • Leonard Rodrigues
  • Celeste Snowber
  • Julie Stewart
  • Amanda Willis
  • Shrinath Dwivedi (Alternate)

Public Art Advisory Committee (PAAC)

Terms of Reference

1.0 Purpose

1.1 To advise Council on the implementation of the Public Art Policy (PAP) for the City of Surrey.

2.0 Responsibilities of PAAC

PAAC will advise on the:

  • 2.1 Development of calls for artist proposals, the choice and appointment of selection panels and the selection of recommended artwork;
  • 2.2 Communication and outreach strategies regarding the Public Art Program to achieve cultural partnerships and build awareness of the program throughout the community;
  • 2.3 Proposed gifts, donations, bequests, de-accessions and loans of artworks to the City collection;
  • 2.4 Development of private sector public art and public/private partnerships for public art;
  • 2.5 Issues, new trends and future needs related to the delivery of the public art program in Surrey.

3.0 Membership

3.1 The Committee shall be appointed by Council and consist of nine (9) voting members and one (1) alternate member.

3.2 Up to two (2) City Councillors shall be appointed by Council to serve as Council liaisons to the Committee.

3.3 PAAC will appoint a Chair for the Committee.

3.4 The Committee may appoint a Deputy Chair at their discretion.

3.5 The majority of members will be residents of Surrey; they should have knowledge of public art practise and represent a broad cross-section of the community.

3.6 The alternate member will serve a one (1) year renewable term for a maximum of three (3) consecutive years; shall attend meetings on a regular basis and have voting privileges if quorum is not established.

3.7 Members of PAAC are appointed for a three (3) year term. Members may not serve for more than two (2) consecutive three (3) year terms. However, after at least one (1) year out of office, a past member of PAAC may re-apply and may be considered for re-appointment by Council.

4.0 Meetings

4.1 The Committee shall meet a minimum of eight (8) times per year; additional meetings may be called by the Chair as needed.

4.2 A majority of the members shall constitute a quorum. Recommendations of a quorum shall be considered those of the full Committee.

4.3 Any member who is absent from three consecutive meetings of the Committee, or in excess of one-third (1/3) or more of all meetings over any six (6) month period without leave of absence from the Committee, or without reason satisfactory to the Committee, shall forthwith cease to be a member of PAAC.

4.4 Minutes of the meetings are prepared by City staff.

5.0 Code of Conduct

5.1 City policy regarding conflict of interest will apply to all PAAC members.

5.2 The members are not permitted to directly or indirectly benefit from their participation in the Public Art Advisory Committee during their tenure and for a period of twelve (12) months following the completion of their term.

6.0 Staff Support

6.1 Appropriate staff support will be arranged by the City Manager; General Manager, Parks, Recreation and Culture, and the City Clerk.

Approved by Council: December 15, 2004 (RES.R04-3386)