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Dimasalang III International Artist Group

View works from this Filipino-Canadian artist group.

Contemporary scenes of human tenderness, Philippine street life, and bustling market days are a few of the subjects in the paintings on display by the Dimasalang III International Artist Group. A dozen artists participating in this show focused their work around the idea of kalayaan (freedom). This exhibition also celebrates Philippine Independence Day on June 12 with paintings that celebrate Philippine heritage and culture.

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About Dimasalang III International Artist Group

The Dimasalang group was formed in 1968 in Manila. The word “Dimasalang” originated from Philippine national hero and freedom fighter, Dr. Jose Rizal, a revolutionary writer who used Dimasalang as his pseudonym during the turn of the 19th century when the Philippines was under Spanish rule. It was Jose Rizal’s writings and martyrdom that sparked a fervent call for freedom. The artists’ group name “Dimasalang” was adopted after the street in Manila where the founding artist Sofronio Ylanan Mendoza, better known by his initials SYM, lived at the time. SYM helped mentor many artists and Dimasalang II consisted mainly of his students in the Philippines. In 1981, SYM moved to Canada with his family where he formed a new set of “Canadian Dimasalang Artists” and continues to teach aspiring and talented artists in Vancouver.

Dimasalang III International Artist Group is a registered not-for-profit society in British Columbia directed by a governing board of artists dedicated to promoting awareness of contemporary arts and culture in the community.  The group offers arts-related educational and professional development opportunities to its members and the general public. Committed to its vision of fostering a positive contribution to the arts movement, the group continues to pursue a high standard of artistic works. View their website at

Artists: Maria Apelo Cruz, Danvic Briones, Leo Cunanan Jr., Tessie Dishupa Antonio Dizon, Francis Herradura, Jesse Hipolito, Mayo Landycho, Edgardo Lantin, Ferdinand ‘Chito’ Maravilla, Sofronio Ylanan Mendoza, Andy Naval, Rod Pedralba, Rolly Tuliao

Curator: Artist Selected
Origin of Exhibition: Dimasalang III International Artist Group

Image credit (top): Rod Pedralba, Philippine Market Scene.

Image credit (bottom): Sofronio Ylanan Mendoza, Manila Hotel Champagne Room.