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Arts 2015

Come mingle with friends and local artists at the opening reception of this annual juried art show.

A highlight during summers at the Surrey Art Gallery is the Arts Council of Surrey's juried exhibition. Visitors--who see artworks by established and emerging visual arts from Surrey and the surrounding region—enjoy the variety of images, styles, and media. There's painting, glasswork, sculpture, photography, and fibre arts—truly something for everyone!

While diverse in subject matter, this year’s selections show an emphasis on invention, surprise, and humour. Also of note is the large number of photographic and digital artworks, as well as many sculptural and fibre-based works. With a broad range of styles and themes, this exhibition is popular with locals and visitors alike, who are invited to vote for the People’s Choice Award that will be announced at the close of the exhibition.

This annual juried exhibition generates awareness of local artists’ work and plays an important role in emerging artists’ professional development. The exhibition’s jury is charged with nominating artworks to receive first, second, third, and honourable mention awards in the categories of Painting: Works on Canvas; Painting: Works on Paper; Drawing, 2-D Mixed Media & Printmaking; 3-D Works & Fibre Arts; and Photography & New Media. Works are selected for their technical skill and innovative artistic thinking. ARTS 2015 is organized by the Arts Council of Surrey and presented with the assistance of the Surrey Art Gallery.

Artists: Joan Adams, Dave Beach, Doris Biddle, Scarlet Black, Ewa Brzezinski, Elizabeth Carefoot, Meghan Carich, Younghwa Cha-Hach, Beatrice Cosovanu, Krystle Coughlin, John Cranswick, Grant Crawford, Liz Denn, Nino Dobrosavljevic, Tom Douglas, Kathleen Forsythe, Kathleen Gaitt, Adam Gibbs, Connie Glover, Louise Harding, Tracy Hetherington, Brian Hoyano, Jean James, Gabriella Kardosi, Gunilla Kay, Jorma Kujala, Melanie Lastoria, Lori Lees-Stout, Tristan Miller, Julio Moreno, Deborah Morriss, Nina Mudry, Eniko Ocsko, George Omorean, Carol Pan, Robert Gary Parkes, Roland Rihela, Erik Rissiek, Helma Sawatzky, Lorna Shular, Christopher Siemens, Tracie Stewart, Paul Stilwell, Ron Straight, Margaret Strickland, Lynn Sykes, Cal Thompson, Netsanet Tsegaye, Jack Turpin, Branishlav Vrbaski, Alana Williams

Curator: Juried
Origin of Exhibition: Arts Council of Surrey

Image credit: Fairy Mist by Adam Gibbs (photograph), 1st place winner in Photography & New Media category.