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Project Lovechild: Alex McLeod and Brendan Tang

Ceramic vessel meets digital technology in this collaborative installation.

Combining a 3-dimensional object created by Tang with a video animation by McLeod, Lovechild is an exploration of the narrative possibilities of a real world object enhanced via digital augmentation.

The installation consists of several components. A ceramic vessel by Tang is displayed on a pedestal in the TechLab. A live shot of the vessel (and also the image of a person in the Gallery) feeds into a computer that overlays it with Alex McLeod’s computer-generated animation and then projects the combined images on the Gallery wall. This melding of the real and the virtual offers a new way for viewers to interface with an object in a gallery setting, without the need for a smartphone or other device.

To further expand this meditation on material culture, Tang deliberately mimics museum displays of broken pottery fragments by making his Lovechild vessel an incomplete object. Yet instead of “completing” the vessel with a didactic augmentation, McLeod’s imaginative overlay offers a new narrative that transforms the static object into a living, breathing organism.

Presented as part of the exhibition The future is already here, curated by Rachel Rosenfield Lafo.

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Image credit: Visitors experiencing Lovechild by Alex McLeod and Brendan Tang at Surrey Art Gallery.