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jimAndrews4.mp4 / jimAndrews6.mp4

Explore the nature of identity in the 21st century with two video installations.

Jim Andrews’s chosen mode of creation is a form of web publishing that combines literary and image generation, sometimes referred to as “visual poetry,” a form of animated words and pictures. Andrews’s work often introduces interactive online elements and, what he calls, viewer engaged “painterly cinema.”

DbCinema is a graphic synthesizer and “langu(im)age processor” that generates both still and moving image. DbCinema is a system programmed by the artist to create works of “generative art”; the creation of images, in whole or in part, by an autonomous system.

For this installation, Andrews presented 2 works, jimAndrews4.mp4 projected in the Techlab, and jimAndrews6.mp4 on a monitor on the exterior window of the TechLab.

Presented as part of the exhibition Scenes of Selves, Occasions for Ruses.

About the Artist

Jim Andrews is a writer, programmer, poet, and digital media Renaissance man. He is also an interactive audio designer as well as the author of dbcinema, a digital visual collage generator. He is a leading thinker/artist/programmer working at all interstitial points across the digital media arts continuum.

Image credit: Jim Andrews, jimAndrews4.mp4 (2012), video shown in Surrey Art Gallery's TechLab. Photo by Scott Massey.